Project Team

Project Administration

Project Director

Peter Krogh

Project Director, Emeritus

Richard Anderson

Senior Project Management

Eugene Mopsik • Susan Carr

Project Management (ASMP)

Victor Perlman - Legal
Pete Dyson - Website Technical Advisor
Chris Chandler - Project Accounting
Elena Goertz - Project Accounting
Gail Mooney, Jim Cavanaugh, Sean Henry - Project Oversight
ASMP Board of Directors - Project Oversight

Library of Congress Project Administration

Carolyn Arms • Phil Michel • Carl Fleishhauer • Martha Anderson


Principal Research

Peter Krogh • Richard Anderson

Senior Research Assistant (v.1)

Dan Stack

Research Assistant (v.1)

Matthew Yake

Principal Authors

Peter Krogh • Richard Harrington • Richard Anderson

Copy Edit

Dominique le Roux. Moonshine Media

Contributing Authors (v.1)

Greg Barnett • Judy Herrmann • Rick McCleary • Patti Russotti • Susan Carr • Dan Stack

Web Design (GrilloGroup)

Maria Grillo • Gabrielle Schubart • Katherine Walker

Web Production

Jim Keller, Eastern Standard

Production Assistants

Matthew Yake • 


Alyson Krogh

Contributing Editors

Jay Kinghorn

Video Production

Producer Director

Peter Krogh

Senior Producer

Darren Higgins


Dan Stack • Richard Anderson


Peter Krogh • Richard Anderson • Dan Stack • Rick McCleary

Sound and Video Editing

Darren Higgins


Caldwell Gray

Programming, Research and Advisory

John Beardsworth

Digital Photography Best Practices and Workflow Handbook

Much of the content on this site is adapted from Digital Photography Best Practices and Workflow Handbook by Richard Anderson and Patti Russotti. Focal Press, 2009.


Cara Anderson • Danielle Monroe (Associate Editor)

The DAM Book

Much of the content on this site is adapted from Peter Krogh's The DAM Book, Digital Asset Management for Photographers, O'Reilly, 2009.


Colleen Wheeler • Bonnie Bills • Michael Stewart (Technical Editor)

Friends of Distinction

Michael Stewart • Robert Edwards • Tom Hogarty • Eric Chan • Radio Paradise • John Nack • Kevin DePalmer

If you have technical questions

If you'd like to ask a question to clarify some point that is presented here, it's best to follow the link below to The DAM Forum, where you can sign in and post a question to the group. Due to the large number of people who are visiting this site, we're unable to take questions directly. Moreover, it's likley that you won't be the only one with any particular question, so posting on the forum will let others see the answer. We'll do our best to answer or respond as quickly as time permits.
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