Discussion at the dpBestflow® blog

White papers

Karl Lang on rendering the Print
Peter Krogh on Non-destructive Image Editing
Jeff Schewe on preparing images for delivery
Peter Krogh on Camera Scans


Data Validation

Validated Transfer for PC

Vice Versa

Validated Transfer for Mac

Synchronize Pro X
SMART Reporter

SMART data for PC

L Soft Active Hard Disk Monitor

Informational sites we like:
Dry Creek Photo
Cambridge in Color
Photoshop News
John Nack's Blog
Adobe TV
Diglloyd Mac Performance Guide

Good Gear sites


Articles that caught our eye

Digital Preservation
DNG Profiles and the DNG Profile Editor
Stephen Shankland's blog about sensor quality
File Corruption and its Consequences (subscription required)
Camera Raw and Shadow Output Level
Understanding ProPhotoRGB
Light Under Control- an evaluation of reference/proofing lighting setups
Beginners Guide to HD Video in digital cameras

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Last Updated September 22, 2015